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Cattle Sale


‼️⚠️ Attention Livestock Sale Customers ⚠️‼️

Bowie Livestock Sale Barn intends to continue to operate our weekly Cattle, Sheep and Goat sale as normal at 11am every Saturday. Due to the COVID-19 concerns we ask that you please minimize the time you spend at our market to decrease any exposure risk. We are asking that you only come in the sale arena if you intend to be a buyer and try to come alone to limit the number of people within the sale arena. Our staff will be available to unload your consignments just as normal; we will be available to check in and unload your livestock so that you may return home to limit any potential exposure. We also intend to keep our normal office hours for check pick up. If you are feeling ill or have any symptoms of illness please remain home. We do offer cattle catching/pick up/delivery as well. We do value all our customers and will address any concerns as needed. Please continue to check our website and FB for all info as we tread through this health crisis. We appreciate your continued business and cooperation while we try to put the health and safety of our employees, buyers & local sellers first. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us:

Office: (940) 827-5441 Michael O’Dwyer: (940) 867-0434

Tony Richardson Yard Manager (806) 202-8106

Market Report for Cattle Sale Saturdays at 11 AM

 Date:  4/4/2020
 Cattle Sold This Week:  226
 Slaughter Cattle    Steers  
Young Heifer Type Cows:  $.45 -$.60 200-300 lbs. Good Choice:  $1.53-$1.60
Utility & Commercial Cows:  $.45-$.55 Med. Choice:  $1.15-$1.30
Canner & Cutter Cows:  $.30 -$.40 300-400 lbs. Good Choice:  $1.30-$1.45
Good Ch. Bulls:  $.70 – $.80 Med. Choice:  $1.10-$1.30
Med. Ch. Bulls: $.60 – $.70 400-500 lbs. Good Choice:  $1.20-$1.40
    Med. Choice:  $1.10 -$1.25
Stock & Feeder Yearlings   500-600 lbs. Good Choice:  $1.10-$1.25
Good Ch. Steers:  $.90-$1.00 Med. Choice:  $.95 -$1.10
Med. Good Steers:  $.80 -$.90    
Good Ch. Heifers:  $.85 -$.95  Heifer Calves  
Med. Good Heifers:  $.75 -$.85 200-300 lbs. Good Choice:  $1.20-$1.40
    Med. Choice:  $1.00 -$1.20
Stock Cows-Preg. Tested 3-9 yr. old   300-400 lbs. Good Choice:  $1.15-$1.30
Large Frame:  $700-$900 Med. Choice:  $.90-$1.00
Medium Frame:  $400-$600 400-500 lbs. Good Choice:  $1.00-$1.15
Cow/Calf-Lg. Frame: N/A Med. Choice:  $.90 – $1.00
 Pairs/Calves-Med Frame Under 250: $800 – $1100 500-600 lbs. Good Choice:  $.95 – $1.10
    Med. Choice:  $.85-$.95
Baby Calves:  $300    
     Feeder Cattle: 4-5 LOWER
Holstein Steer Calves   Stocker Cattle: 8-10 LOWER
200 lbs-400 lbs: N/A Bred Cows & Pairs: STEADY
400 lbs-600 lbs: N/A Packer Cows: 4-5 LOWER
Longhorns:  $.30 – $.60  






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